Solais’ New XR3 and XS3 LED Downlights Deliver Unprecedented Ease of Specification and Installation

Solais Lighting, LLC, a manufacturer of specification-grade LED fixtures and lamps and a division of PowerSecure International (NYSE: POWR), proudly introduces its new family of 3" XR3 (round) and XS3 (square) LED downlights for professional applications. Available in 15- and 17-watt versions, Solais’ 3"-diameter recessed LED fixtures adjust around a virtual aiming point, allowing for more light to leave the aperture than many other adjustable options on the market allow. With a housing that can be installed prior to the selection of correlated color temperature (CCT), lumen output or beam spread, and with an electrical inspection that can be completed prior to trim and module installation, the XR3 and XS3 fixtures deliver the ease of incandescent installations with superior performance to meet the exacting needs of the market’s most discerning clients.Solais’ sleek and architectural XR3 and XS3 fixtures are available in fixed downlight, adjustable accent and lens wall-wash varieties. Their 15°, 25° and 40° beam angles, 2700K-4000K color temperatures, and white, silver or black trim/cone color options can conveniently match and enhance the décor in any venue. Fully dimmable and long-lasting, Solais’ XR3 and XS3 LED downlights are ideal for the broad range of retail, commercial and hospitality applications where outstanding lumen output, high color rendering, strong center-beam candlepower, and maximum quality and performance are paramount.Solais’ new XR3 and XS3 downlight family is part of the company’s innovative “X-Changeable” products. They feature all-in-one technology that incorporates the optics, LEDs, driver and power within the replaceable module, enabling users to change the lumen output, color temperature, beam angle and trim color with ease. “We’re excited to introduce our highly versatile and cutting-edge XR3 and XS3 solutions to the market,” said Sam Newberry, President of PowerSecure Lighting, “and to represent the only player in the industry to offer our unique X-Changeable approach. It delivers to lighting professionals and end users an unprecedented new degree of ease relative to specification, installation and maintenance.”

Solais® is the preeminent market-driven manufacturer of architectural-grade lighting solutions in North America. Our primary focus lies in the development of products that seamlessly merge form and functionality. Technologically oriented and nimble, Solais innovates at every opportunity to replace outdated ideas in lighting, never compromising on aesthetics or performance.
Solais has become a turnkey provider to leading brands in the commercial, retail, residential, hospitality, supermarket, museum, and utilities markets throughout the world. Motivated by an unwavering commitment to cutting-edge innovation, we strive to transform our client’s environments with LED lighting solutions that meet at intersection of engineering and design.™