There are several things to consider when selecting between X and Y series modules. X series is perfect for someone who is looking for lower cost of ownership, and some serious light output. Y series is the solution for universal voltage and emergency battery backup options. We offer X and Y series for our cylinders, downlights, and multiples. Use the tables provided as a quick guide for your next project!

Xm Modules Ym Modules
120 V 120-277 V universal
Fully modular system with drivers integrated within the module Universal triac, ELV and 0-10 V dimming
Higher lumen packages for the most light Emergency battery backup available
Triac, ELV and 0-10 V* available (0-10 available with Solais’s converter) Accepts third party drivers
MonoWhite, VioLight, and 90+ high CRI color enhancement technologies available. MonoWhite, and 90+ high CRI color enhancement technologies available.


Cylinders Downlights Multiples
X-series Y-series X-series Y-series X-series Y-series
XC3- 3″

XC5- 5″

XC7- 7″

YC5- 5″ XR3nc- 3″ Round

XR4nc- 4″ Round

XR6nc- 6″ Round

XS3nc- 3″ Square

XS4nc- 4″ Square

XS6nc- 6″ Square

YR3nc- 3″ Round

XS4nc- 4″ Round

YS3nc- 3″ Square

YS4nc- 4″ Square

XSR- Semi Recessed

XFR- Fully Recessed

XAR- 2 Position Pull Down

XPD- 3 Position Pull Down

YAR- 2 Position Pull Down

YPD- 3 Position Pull Down

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