There are several things to consider when selecting between X and Y series modules. X series is perfect for someone who is looking for lower cost of ownership, and some serious light output. Y series is the solution for universal voltage and emergency battery backup options. We offer X and Y series for our cylinders, downlights, and multiples. Use the tables provided as a quick guide for your next project!

Xm Modules Ym Modules
120 V 120-277 V universal
Fully modular system with drivers integrated within the module Universal triac, ELV and 0-10 V dimming
Higher lumen packages for the most light Emergency battery backup available
Triac, ELV and 0-10 V* available (0-10 available with Solais’s converter) Accepts third party drivers
MonoWhite, VioLight, and 90+ high CRI color enhancement technologies available. MonoWhite, and 90+ high CRI color enhancement technologies available.


Cylinders Downlights Multiples
X-series Y-series X-series Y-series X-series Y-series
XC3- 3″

XC5- 5″

XC7- 7″

YC5- 5″ XR3nc- 3″ Round

XR4nc- 4″ Round

XR6nc- 6″ Round

XS3nc- 3″ Square

XS4nc- 4″ Square

XS6nc- 6″ Square

YR3nc- 3″ Round

XS4nc- 4″ Round

YS3nc- 3″ Square

YS4nc- 4″ Square

XSR- Semi Recessed

XFR- Fully Recessed

XAR- 2 Position Pull Down

XPD- 3 Position Pull Down

YAR- 2 Position Pull Down

YPD- 3 Position Pull Down

About Solais Lighting Group | Solais + EnergyLite

Solais Lighting Group (SLG) is a fast-growing, technologically relevant, market-driven manufacturer. SLG pushes the innovation envelope to create LED products that replace traditional lighting technologies, with zero compromise to aesthetics and performance.

Nimble and diligent, with best-in-class engineering, SLG has grown its product families in line with market demands to include high-quality, spec-grade interior and exterior products - to include downlights, multiples, cylinders, and track and specialty fixtures, as well as site, flood, roadway and security fixtures.

SLG's products provide quality lighting for its commercial, retail, hospitality, supermarket, museum and utility clients, which include the world's leading brands.

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