EnergyLite Technology & Design

EnergyLite Technology & Design

Our innovative exterior products are designed and engineered for reliability and longevity. We worked in conjunction with industry veterans, using the finest grade materials to ensure superior fixtures. Designed with the customer in mind, EnergyLite offers a small-scale family of luminaires without the sacrifice of efficacy and performance.


Chip Scale Package (CSP) LEDs

This technology’s small scale allows the ability to create extremely power-dense LED arrays, driving the trend towards smaller and lighter fixtures. This results in higher performance and smaller-scale fixtures, which allows our fixtures to be mounted on poles with a lower EPA rating. In addition to this cost savings, CSPs allow for highly efficient optical performance.


Proprietary Optics

Light utilization and extraction are optimized in our custom electrical and optical chamber. Utilizing specially designed high precision optics, EnergyLite puts the light on target, while minimizing waste and spill light to provide the ultimate product offering that delivers maximum impact for your project.


Smart Power Supplies

Our high-performance LED drivers offer 0-10v and DALI control options through a rotatable NEMA 7-pin photocell receptacle. The drivers are matched to the fixtures for the best efficiency and flicker-free performance.


With an innovative design, we utilize fewer lumens to create fixtures with the same (or better!)  light output than others on the market. Our fixtures are designed to, not only meet but to exceed performance and safety certifications such as UL, DLC, DLC Premium, and Dark Sky that can be used for energy rebates in most states.


Light where you want it, not where you don’t.

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