EnergyLite Launches GridLite3 > Top-Tier Performance, Reliability, and Quality

EnergyLite, of Solais Lighting Group, launches GridLite3 (GL3), a leading-edge site and area luminaire. Designed with reliability, durability, and maintenance in mind, the GL3 provides top-tier performance the market demands – while delivering long service life, modularity, and a variety of mounting solutions for any application. As with all EnergyLite products, industry-leading optic distributions provide higher light utilization, yielding more light on the target plane with lower backlight and glare.

The GL3 is constructed of a single-piece, 100% recycled, low-copper die-cast aluminum alloy for superior thermal management with AAMA2604-compliant polyester TGIC super durable powder coating for exceptional corrosion resistance. To withstand the harshest environments, the optical and electrical chambers are rated to IP66 resistance. The GL3 replaces 200-600 W equivalent HID fixtures and ranges from 12,000-41,000 delivered lumens, all while providing efficacies up to 165 lm/W!

All mounting options are tested to 3G vibration standards and offer installation versatility. The extended site arm provides universal mounting to both square and round poles, as well as a wall-mount option. The horizontal tenon with integrated slipfitter attaches quickly and easily to tenons up to 2 ⅜” in diameter. The knuckle provides 0-90° adjustability mounting to tenons up to 3″ in diameter. Accessories include a variety of light control shields, motion sensors, and photocells, as well as optional DALI-2 drivers for two-way communication. The GL3 also features the new Zhaga Book 18 (ANSI C136.58) receptacle for low voltage sensors and communication, which can be configured to function with EnergyLite’s proprietary ambient light sensor or ambient light sensor with IR communication.

Above all else, EnergyLite is proud to announce the GL3 as the second fixture in a lineup to be completely designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. It is the newest addition to EnergyLite’s outdoor family of fixtures, which continue to

bridge the gap between the performance and quality customers demand and service they deserve.



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