Dimming Controls

Dimming Controls

LED dimming is versatile; it sets the tone of a room, giving it a soft romantic touch, something more professional, or even dramatic. It can also help with the longevity of the fixture. Here, we will touch on three basic dimming methods: 0-10 V, Forward Phase, and Reverse Phase.


0-10 V is the most commonly used dimming control in the commercial market. The reason for this is that it integrates easiest with other controls, such as sensors. This method requires separate low voltage wires ran throughout a space to each component in a system. This can get quite expensive, and it is nearly impossible to accomplish post-construction!


Forward phase/TRIAC dimming is another common form of dimming used in residential, hospitality, and retail markets in the United States. The advantage of forward phase is that it only needs two wires, making it simple to install at any time and the go-to method for existing installations. Although easy and inexpensive to install, there is a potential sacrifice in dimming quality.


Reverse phase, non-magnetic ELV (Electronic Low Voltage) diming is also easy to implement. It requires three wires, making it too relatively easy to install at any time. Reverse phase dimmers may be a little more expensive, but they tend to outlast and outperform forward phase dimmers!

It all comes down to what is most important to your project!

  • 0-10 V = Best controls integration
  • Forward Phase = Most cost efficient
  • Reverse Phase = Best dimming performance
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