Time to think Outside the Bulb

As LEDs have continued to improve in efficacy, Solais has continued to improve our Lumen output and Center Beam Candle Power (CBCP) of all our actively-cooled lamps.

Understanding Optics and the Benefits of LED Optical Control

The most common mistake in lighting terms associated with the quantity of light is between the intensity of a light source and its total output. The total output of a light source is described in “lumens”.

What you should know about LED Lighting

LED sources are a new solution for virtually all lighting needs and have the potential to change the way we live and consume energy. The largest limitation currently slowing the adoption of LED lighting is simply that it is new and not well understood.

Beware of Making Comparison Mistakes With Halogen Lamps

We recently evaluated the Solais LED LR38 (21W, 1000 lumens) against a PAR38 halogen (90W, 130V, 1310 lumens) for a high-profile client. The client had some initial concerns due to the apparent large difference in lumens between the two products, but this was simply because they did not have a proper understanding of the importance behind the 130V rating.

Understanding LED Lamp & System Characteristics

LED lighting has numerous characteristics that make it unique from conventional incandescent and fluorescent light sources. Understanding these characteristics and the technical capabilities of the technology will help one understand the true potential of LED lighting.

LED Technology is a New Approach to Lighting

LED technology is a completely new approach to lighting. Because of this, many people, including lighting designers, reps, sales, distributors and other light industry professionals, don’t fully understand LEDs.

An Ode to LEDs

This blog is an ode to LEDs. As the manufacturers of the world’s finest LED lamps, we at Solais Lighting think LEDs are great, and we want to share our love of them with the world.

Solais Lighting – a different type of LED company!

We are an LED lamp manufacturing company that is revolutionizing the industry. I know, you have heard this before and are probably thinking we are just another group of people looking to make a quick buck on the latest craze in lighting, but you are wrong.