Commercial Bar Lighting Ideas to Set the Mood

Lighting is a key design element in any bar or restaurant. Not only does lighting help set the mood, but it also tells your customers what to expect from an evening out at an establishment.  With that being said, before you choose specific lighting solutions for a bar, you need to ask yourself what the goals are.  Are you trying to create a romantic setting? Do you want customers to be struck by the modern aesthetics of the bar's design? Or maybe...


  Our Medium Lucie (LCM) is the biggest sibling in our Lucie family of trackheads, with Nano Lucie (LCN) being the baby, and Small Lucie (LCS) as the middle child. The LCM packs the biggest punch, with its form-factor about the size of a 12 oz. can. With the highest lumen output of the Lucie family, it is a perfect replacement fixture for a 70 W metal halide. It features lumen packages from 1900 – 2300, with beam spreads from  15°...


Our Small Lucie (LCS) is the middle child of our Lucie family of trackheads, with Nano Lucie (LCN)  being the baby. The Small also has a low impact on the ceiling footprint, about the size of a tennis ball. With high quality of light and its compact size, it is a perfect replacement fixture for the 39W metal halide. It features multiple lumen packages, a 9° very narrow spot, and a dim-to-warm option.               Similar to the LCN, the LCS is a...


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