Solais Helps Tumi Stores “Pop” With LEDs Featuring Exclusive VioLight Technology

Solais Lighting, LLC, a manufacturer of specification-grade LED fixtures and lamps and a division of PowerSecure International (NYSE: POWR), proudly announces that its Xi20 and Xi24 PAR LEDs featuring the company’s exclusive VioLight™ color-enhancing technology have been selected as a lighting product of record by Tumi®, a leader in the market for high-quality luggage and accessories for business, travel, and lifestyle for more than 40 years.“Our new lighting has a lot more impact when you walk in and focuses on the product, not the lighting, allowing the merchandise to be the hero when you enter the store,” shared Glenn Trunley, TUMI’s Senior Director of Global Store Design, speaking of the Solais LEDs recently installed in TUMI’s prominent New York City Rockefeller Center location.  “Our foot-candle level has increased dramatically, the light is much whiter and crisper than before with no maintenance, and the fixtures really deliver the aesthetics we were looking for,” he said.Regarding TUMI’s selection of Solais product for its store lighting, Tori Cole, lighting designer for national lighting services leader Regency Lighting, said that Solais Lighting’s LED fixtures with unique VioLight technology “enable black hues to look richer and more vibrant and whites to appear crisper, while still allowing other colors to pop. The fixtures’ small aperture beam with a hex-cell louver further cuts down on glare, while the high center-beam candlepower optimally supports TUMI in highlighting specific bags and design features to really make them stand out,” she said.In addition to offering long life, dimming and low maintenance, the combination of Solais’ 22-watt Xi24 LED fixtures with a 15-degree beam angle and 15-watt Xi20 LED fixtures deliver TUMI outstanding lumen output, high color rendering, glare-free operation, and maximum performance. The fixtures fully support the renowned brand’s energy and sustainability objectives.“There is a noticeable difference in perceived light quality between LED fixtures with VioLight technology and standard LED technology,” Cole confirmed. “Solais’ VioLight technology is very innovative and truly represents a breakthrough product for retail.”“The Solais products really perform ahead of our expectations and allows us to achieve our goals by using the same amount of energy to get more light,” agreed Trunley, who noted that TUMI plans to open 40 to 50 new stores per year in the U.S. and upgrade another five to 10 stores per year. All of the new stores and upgrades will incorporate Solais’ LED fixtures with VioLight technology.  “We looked very hard and found Solais to be the best lamp for our use,” he concluded.  “When it comes to illumination, we haven’t found a better solution than Solais.”

Solais® is the preeminent market-driven manufacturer of architectural-grade lighting solutions in North America. Our primary focus lies in the development of products that seamlessly merge form and functionality. Technologically oriented and nimble, Solais innovates at every opportunity to replace outdated ideas in lighting, never compromising on aesthetics or performance.
Solais has become a turnkey provider to leading brands in the commercial, retail, residential, hospitality, supermarket, museum, and utilities markets throughout the world. Motivated by an unwavering commitment to cutting-edge innovation, we strive to transform our client’s environments with LED lighting solutions that meet at intersection of engineering and design.™