EnergyLite Launches SecureLite3 > Security You Can See

EnergyLite Launches SecureLite3 > Security You Can See

EnergyLite, of Solais Lighting Group, introduces the latest in dusk-to-dawn utility-grade luminaires – the SecureLite3™. Our third generation of outdoor area security lighting has been redesigned from the ground up to meet the high performance, long life, easy maintenance and value that the utility market demands.

Building on almost a decade of success, this new model is a 50-250 W HID replacement as a 24-79 W fixture and achieves up to 170 lm/W across a range of high-performing lumen packages and distributions. The SecureLite3 is a robust solution for general security and area lighting on residential streets, boat docks, loading platforms, access drives and rural pathways.

Along with the previous features of an IP66 optical chamber and infrared remote control, the SecureLite3 now has toolless electrical chamber entry, with 120-277 V standard. It is the first and only luminaire in its class with Zhaga D4i Luminaire certification! Now including new features and options, such as: a custom-designed short acrylic refractor, a glare shield, direct wall mount, higher lumen packages, additional paint offerings, DALI-2 communication and NEMA refractor compatibility. The SecureLite3 will also be the first EnergyLite product to feature the new Zhaga Book 18 (ANSI C136.58 low voltage) receptacle for sensor and communication, allowing for infrared control of an ambient light sensor.

Above all else, EnergyLite is proud to announce that the SecureLite3 is completely designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.!

It’s durable. It’s reliable. It’s security you can see.

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